99Designer Decode: Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada, the famous granddaughter of the Prada brand founder, took her nick name and turned it into fashion history! So haute was the impact of Miu Miu, the younger and funkier sister brand of Prada, that the lady behind the brand is often hailed as the first lady of Italian fashion!

The Miu Miu philosophy stems from the sensual and veers toward the avant garde, stopping at ‘adventurous’ along the way. The designer’s provocative clothes and bag styles took the fashion world by storm and created an iconic imprint that has identified the brand through the past twenty years. Using funky and outrageous materials like nylon and plastic and combining these with python and snake skin, faux fur, glitter and patches, Miu Miu created eclectic design adventures that thrilled and delighted followers. It is said that if you want to include Prada in your wardrobe, but are on a budget, you could buy Miu Miu and add oodles of style miles at a fraction of the cost!


Here’s to designers who think out of the box and make life brandelicious!

Very warmly, Team99

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99OnTrend: Shoulder Dusters rule!

Shoulder Duster earrings are all the rage all over again, and with excellent reason! They make a style statement that few jewelry pieces can match, and add drama and elegance to the most simple outfit. Shoulder dusters, grazing the shoulders just slightly, are a stylish way to add sparkle and movement near the face. Wear them with a sleek bob or a dramatic updo, casual open tresses or a messy side braid, they are a surefire way to pizzazz up your chic quotient instantly!



Picture1zFind the perfect look with a variety of long and striking styles, wear glittery diamonds or cut stone earrings, antique silver chandeliers or funky feathered danglers, whatever you choose, you’ll be sure of one thing… with shoulder dusters, you’re bang OnTrend!

Very warmly, Team99


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Nina @99: V Day Mistakes!

Ok guys, now it’s really happening. You’ve asked her out. She has accepted. Firstly, BREATHE! Here I am to simplify the day and foolproof it to another degree. So for starters, understand this. Unless yours is a really old n’gold relationship where you’ve figured each other out completely, go with the four letter word that makes it all work perfectly…PLAN!

Most guys think that the ‘going with the flow’ approach will be ok… think again. Most restaurants will be overflowing with the couple crowd, and there’s surely nothing less thrilling than waiting for an hour and forty-five for a table by the kitchen! Call ahead and book a cosy window loveseat, she’ll love you for it.


Secondly, buy her a gift. Don’t break the bank or anything unless you want to splash out. But a pair of delicate earrings or a charm bracelet, a perfume she loves, any pretty memory gift is greatly the order of the day. Pair that with a poem, think handwritten note or apt quotation….and you’re a star! Time it right and you’ll be the toast of the day!

Have a great one! Cheers, Nina


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Nina @99: This one’s for the guys!

Decided to write one for the guys, after all, they’re a necessary denominator, or in so many cases, numerator in our lives. And with V Day coming up, this will be one reference list that they can refer to in times of need! So guys, listen up!

Keep it sweet…don’t talk about your bike or your latest gizmo thingy. Instead go on about how in different light her eyes take on different colours, hazel, chocolate….liquid amber, be creative!

Go heavy with the splurging. Just forget about the whole ‘less is more’ thingy. When it’s a special day, more is more! So skip the budget….roll out the red carpet and splash out…perfumes, wining and dining, whatever….you can live on instant noodles and bun omelette the rest of the month. Stop whining, it’s got only 28 days.


Never look at us when we ask stuff like ‘is this dress making me look fat?’ and such landmine-like questions. Stick with this simple answer: ‘Are you crazy, no way, you’re rocking that dress/skirt/look!’

Will follow up soon with more pointers, but these should be good for starters. Blow her away this Valentine’s Day and see how it works out just perfectly for you too!

Cheers, Nina


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From the Desk of Ishita Swarup, CEO

February tidings, lovely people! I’ve been bitten badly and wanted to share the news….but nothing to worry about, it’s not dangerous, only addictive! With 99labels riding high on more and more shopping wishlists, and our new baby 9rasa finding her feet and giving us renewed energy with each day, I’ve been bitten by the excitement bug!

inc-india-twiw1Now nothing gives me as much of a high as creating events that bring you, my loyal 99gang, a thrill and a frisson of excitement! The feedback I receive from delighted shoppers is what’s giving me a buzz these days, and that’s also what’s spurring me to bigger and better things. So expect loads of surprises, steals and brandelicious treats, you’ll want to keep close and connected!

The 99team is as enthused and raring to delight and excite….its contagious I think! The energy at work is really electric, and ideas are effervescing like champagne bubbles! I love to think that I had a little something to do with all this inspiration…and my nicest compliment came from a team member who quoted Gordon Selfridge when she said ‘A boss inspires fear, a leader inspires enthusiasm!’

Very warmly, Ishita

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99OnTrend: Go Pink n’ Red this February!

Break tradition with a fresh look at two favourites this February! Team up pink and red for a fabulous and very romantic look, and you’ll be the flavour of the month on most calendars!

Think pink with red accents, or colour block the hues in your own personal way. You could wear a red dress with pink boots and add more interest with a neon trim, or simply throw on an oxblood red coat over fuchsia jeans for a startling and glamorous avatar! Try a sequined pink halter blouse to take a red chiffon saree to another level…or simply go monochrome in one tone, using the other for colour-coded accessories, think bangles, statement neck pieces and scarves.


Pink spells feminine and soft, red tells of your powerful persona, and when you put them together, you’re definitely one woman to reckon with! So go ahead… rock the trend!

Very warmly, Team99

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99OnTrend: Most popular V-day gifts!

Find the gift that makes your loved one’s heart sing!When we polled for the most popular Valentine’s day gifts, here’s what we found:

While chocolate hampers and red roses continue to be iconic V day gifts, they’re facing competition from creative love expressions too. One of our best finds was an i-pod with a playlist of her favourite love songs already on it! Another adorable one was a fluffy pink teddy(always a hot-favourite at this time of year!) holding a bunch of giant heart balloons, perched on the doorstep of another lucky one!


And if guys go creative, can women be far behind? One girl gifted her guy a snazzy mobile phone with her number first in line on speed dial…..another gave her valentine seven fragrances to represent their seven months together! Weekend getaway tickets, a spa date, racy lingerie, or a naughty poem…your gift can be as wild as your imagination!

Remember, the more personalized and thought-out your gift is, the more impact it will have! So get the mad creative genius in you thinking, and have a great one! Cheers, Team99

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